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Sex & Relationship Coaching for Individuals and Couples

Would you like to learn more about what
brings you pleasure? Are you interested in improving your dating skills or in strengthening your relationship? Coaching can help you gain confidence and understand your needs so that you can have the relationship you deserve.

Do you wonder if your sexual desires are normal?  Do you feel shy or anxious about approaching a potential date?  Would you like more confidence when it comes to building the relationship you want?  

Coaching can help you understand yourself, and better communicate with your partner.


Katherine Frank


"Sex is complicated—it can bring out our best qualities or our worst.  One of my passions is in helping people examine unconscious routines and patterns, accept changes in desire, and integrate their sexual past, present, and future.”

Katherine Frank is a cultural and psychological anthropologist (Ph.D. Duke University, 1999), sex researcher.  Her academic research focuses on the symbolic and emotional power of sexuality, and the process of sexual meaning-making. Her most recent book, Plays Well in Groups: A Journey Through The World of Group Sex (Rowman & Littlefield, 2013), explores group sex across time and place.  She is also the author of G-Strings and Sympathy:  Strip Club Regulars and Male Desire (2002) and a coeditor of Flesh for Fantasy:  Producing and Consuming Exotic Dance (2006).  


Lia Holmgren

18-05-16_lia-1741 copy_preview.jpeg

"Sexuality is handled differently around the world, and my experiences living, working and loving in so many different places made me aware of the variety of perceptions and the ways that we limit ourselves in our thinking.  I love helping people connect with their sexuality and bring that energy into their lives!  I also enjoy teaching couples how to connect more deeply with each other, explore their fantasies together, and communicate about both the amazing—and more difficult—experiences that they have."

Lia Holmgren is a psychology graduate from Touro College (2016) with an Advanced Professional Internet Marketing Certificate from University of San Francisco (2011).  She was born in Czechoslovakia, and grew up in Germany—since then, she has lived in 6 countries and traveled to 45. 


Our Focus

Although we specialize in sexuality, we believe that all aspects of our lives are intertwined: What we choose to do for work, how we interact with our family, friends, and community, what we believe about ourselves and the world, and our hopes and dreams.

Our view of sexuality is thus multi-level, incorporating physiological, psychological, relational, and spiritual elements.

Read more about sexuality.

  • Sexuality

    Understanding your own sexuality—fantasies, desires, preferences, needs—is essential for your overall well-being. Coaching can help you explore your thoughts and feelings about sex and intimacy, as well as navigate the contemporary sexual landscape. Our coaching can address issues arising at each phase of your exploration: broaching the topic of your interests with a partner (or understanding your partner’s interests), finding a welcoming community or event, understanding the expectations and cultural norms, setting boundaries, managing relational issues, coping with change or mismatched desires in a relationship, etc.

  • Relationships

    We encourage our clients to consider the many different types of relationships they form, as we believe they are all important to our overall well-being: romantic or intimate relationships, family and children, friendships, work relationships, etc. We take a past, present, and future orientation to addressing your both your challenges with, and desires for, each type of connection.

  • Life

    Are you achieving the results you want in pursuing your education, career, goals, and dreams? We enjoy the process of helping you find solutions and create options—both inside and outside the “box”—to design the most meaningful, authentic, and fulfilling life for you.

  • Wellness

    Your physical body is your true “home,” and your health can affect every aspect of your life. We guide you in assessing the areas where you are optimizing wellness and those where new strategies might have far-reaching effects. We explore the possibilities of traditional approaches in medicine and diet, but also have experience with numerous alternative approaches.

  • Health

    Do you want help understanding and navigating the world of "alternative medicine”? We can coach you on the options available for various situations, on developing an appropriate health plan, and on finding providers who can integrate alternative forms of healing with more traditional medical treatments. We are familiar with a wide variety of healing modalities ranging from body therapies to dietary interventions and genetic testing.


Explore Your Options

In Person

Currently available in Manhattan and select locations in South Florida.


Are you a better communicator via email than in person? No time for the full hour of coaching? This option is also more affordable - you pay per exchange.

Phone/ Video Chat

No time to meet in person? Are you not local in our area? We offer coaching via phone or another video technology.

KLC Quick Coaching

Effective to answer factual questions. Do you want information on resources in a particular topic area or want advice on how to handle an upcoming date or ongoing conflict?