10 Ways To Enhance Sexual Intimacy With Your Partner Through Physical Activity.

There are many physical activities that can increase couple’s level of sexual intimacy.

1/ Shower together. Both the nudity and the act of cleansing your body, or each other’s body, is sexy. You might also watch your partner showering and then join in. Use nice-smelling body scrubs, shower gel, and sponges to enhance the sensation.

2/ Pilates class- pilates is a great way to work out and stretch your body. Some pilates positions require moving your body in ways that invite sexual attention—almost like a porn star!   Doing pilates next to your partner will make you both want to go home right after the class. I’ve noticed that there aren’t many men in the pilates studio, but this shouldn’t be a problem for men who enjoy being surrounded by ladies!

3/ Acro Yoga – check out some YouTube videos and see what acro-yoga is about. To do it with your partner, hang on his feet upside down, having your head right next to his cock while he is supporting the pasture by grabbing your buttock. Do I need to add more?  You might want to make sure you have the moves worked out before losing your inhibitions too completely, though! 

4/ Hitting the gym- Working out together is a great way to get turned on. Watch your partner using weights, and notice how his/ her muscles contract and release.  The form of the body is so beautiful when one is working out. Sweat can remind you of wild nights. If one of you is better ahead in physical training, let him/her lead. It’s almost like a power game you might play in bed or you can turn the workout into a sexy fantasy.  How about the story of a personal trainer and his/her disobedient client, who needs a proper training session and some extra exercises afterwards?  (A tip: Make sure to use some deodorant and cologne before, so you smell good even through sweating.  Eating right and working out regularly also flushes out toxins, which means that your perspiration should smell natural—even exciting.)

5/ Sauna/Spa – Going to a spa is a great way to relax.  You forget the world outside, your body relaxes, time slows down, and then it’s just you and your partner, naked, in a heated sauna.   

6/ Massage each other- this might sound cliché, but giving each other a naked massage, using seductively smelling oil, listening to erotic music, and touching every inch of each other is a great way to relax and feel more intimate. Tip: After the traditional massage, you might start to focus on the breasts, chest, buttocks, and then more intimate parts around the genitals. A butt massage feels so good, and it’s better with someone you’re comfortable with!

7/ Cooking a meal- sometimes it is enjoyable to cook a meal for the sake of an experience with your partner, and not for the necessity of eating. Once you change to this approach, even a task that many consider a lot of work becomes joyful. This should be a fun collaboration between the two of you—not a rush to put dinner on the table because you’re starving. Are you a better chopper and your partner can handle four pots on the stove? Do what you are great at, or share your roles and teach each other.  Wear a cute apron and flirt. Imagine what else can be done at the kitchen counter, and do it!  Just watch the flames….  

8/ Riding in a sexy sport car- not everyone can afford to own a sexy sports car. Rent one! Even for one day, rent a sexy convertible or a car with loud, sexy engine. Drive to the mountains, countryside, or outskirts of the city, listen to the music, touch each other as you take in the beautiful, changing scenery. The design of a sport car, the sound of the engine, the speed. It’s all pretty sexy. How about you two take a quick pit stop?

9/ Dancing – salsa, tango, and any other type of dancing will connect you to your partner. Dancing to passionate rhythms, holding each other’s arms, and looking into each other’s eyes while you follow, or lead, is a great way to increase your sexual intimacy. Are you not a pro? Take a dance lesson with a tutor. It’s fun! You will smile, ease up, and learn something new. Dancing is also great exercise—and a great way to add variety to your social life.

10/ Mutual masturbation- watching your partner touching himself or herself can be very intimate.  Seeing your beloved naked, touching themselves intimately, is aesthetically pleasing.  It can also be a turn on!   Being a voyeur lets you “take notes” on what pleases your partner or simply enjoy a different point of view—that of voyeur. And if you pleasure yourself at the same time you might not even be able to allow each other to finish alone.  Take your time, don’t rush. Enjoy!