Lia Holmgren Sex Coach

Lia Holmgren

"Sexuality is handled differently around the world, and my experiences living, working and loving in so many different places made me aware of the variety of perceptions and the ways that we limit ourselves in our thinking.  I love helping people connect with their sexuality and bring that energy into their lives!  I also enjoy teaching couples how to connect more deeply with each other, explore their fantasies together, and communicate about both the amazing—and more difficult—experiences that they have."

Lia Holmgren is a psychology graduate from Touro College (2016) with an Advanced Professional Internet Marketing Certificate from University of San Francisco (2011).  She was born in Czechoslovakia, and grew up in Germany—since then, she has lived in 6 countries and traveled to 45.  Her cross-cultural background, as well as her experience co-owning a couples’ club in Dusseldorf and organizing erotic events around the world, contributes to her expertise in teaching sexual communication and techniques to both individuals and couples.  She has also worked as a professional matchmaker and a dominatrix with an international client base.   

"Working as a professional dominatrix for over a decade taught me about working with bodies, such as how to figure out what works for an individual to heighten pleasure and eroticism, and it taught me about working with people’s minds.  I saw so many men who felt ashamed of their desires, and worried about rejection from the women they loved.  Now I help clients overcome anxieties and fears around sexuality, and live more authentic lives.  I’m also committed to helping individuals and couples understand the difference between fantasy and reality, and become more playful in their sex lives.  I believe it can be healthy to experiment if we recognize and accept the whole spectrum of possible sexual experiences." 

"Co-owning a high-end couples' club in Germany allows me to meet couples (and singles) from all over the world.  Travel is erotic to me because it opens my mind.  I have also organized erotic parties around the US and Europe. Part of what I love about bringing open-minded people together is thinking about each detail of the experience: the guest list, their arrival at the event, the food and drinks that are served, the music and ambiance of the setting, and how to design a unique, beautiful, and sexy environment that allows for socializing and, when and if the time is right, sex." 

"Sex is so much more than the physical act.  And I love the beauty that can be created.”